Bella Period Calendar

Bella Period Calendar is a very popular mobile application with more than 250 000 downloads in Europe. It is very simple & intuitive with many useful features. Thanks to some options of the application women feel much safer - ovulation, infertile days and of course menstruation would not be a surprise anymore. Explore our application and make sure how useful and convenient it is.

How to start?

The application runs on most popular operating systems of mobile devices. Just download, install, set the parameters of the last menstrual cycle and enjoy all possibilities that it offers!

Date of the last menstrual period

once you settle the date, it will help you to determine the most likely day of your next period.

Duration of menstruation

helps to determine the length of your period and upcoming fertile days.

Duration of the menstrual cycle

to accurately determine the beginning and the end of each cycle. Remember to give all dates and numbers as precisely as possible - it will increase the effectiveness of forecasts given by the application.

Check the details!

  • The main screen
  • Calendar
  • Register

Menstrual calendar is the main screen of application. It appears every time you start an application on a mobile device.

Days countdown to the next menstruation will help you to keep track of time till the next menstruation.

Options “the beginning” and “the end” enable manual change of dates if the menstruation lasts longer, starts sooner etc.

Intuitive application layout facilitates navigation and access to all calendar functions.

Screen Calendar is the heart of application. You have full access to the information about your menstrual cycle here. Each month calendar will show you when you should expect your fertile days and next period. It also allows you to add notes and symptoms accompanying the menstruation.

Easy to read icons make it even easier to quickly identify when you will have fertile days or menstruation in a given month.

Notes is a functionality that helps to exactly describe the things related to the menstrual cycle, for example the last intercourse, gynaecologist visit, etc.

Menstruation this option allows to note all the symptoms associated with menstruation. So you will know what to expect and every next menstruation will be less surprising and annoying.

Here all data associated with past and next cycle is collected. You get an easy access to data fully describing the dates and the symptoms associated with your periods.

Past periods - history of your menses. Check when they ended and how their length were changing in recent months.

Future periods - are you wondering when your next menstrual period will appear? With this option you can check the dates of next 6 consecutive cycles.

Statistics clearly present the most important information related to your menstrual cycle: symptoms, mood accompanying menstruation, minimum and maximum duration of period and the average length of the cycle.

Additional useful features

Period settings

help to define not only the duration of the menstrual cycle, but also allow you to set reminders notification for upcoming period (date, subject and content).


gives you an access to the data everywhere, no matter what device you use. You can even synchronize the app with www app to safely maintain your current data in the network.

Bella Woman

is an opportunity to join the community of Bella, which is a bank of knowledge and experience of every modern woman. With this option you will get the opportunity to better understand our products and get better support for these important days.

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Use the application that was created especially for you



Data entered in the application will be always with you.



Easy implementation and management of all data.



Useful reminder that will help you to control your periods and feel safe during all days of the menstrual cycle.



Downloaded by over a quarter of a million times with a very good feedback from the users.

Download the application

Download the application

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